Adopting a new family member was not a rash decision for me. I started thinking about it last year November already, but didn’t want to welcome another member of the family until I was ready to make the commitment.

Adopting takes a lot of time and energy. With my busy schedule I needed to be sure I could balance all. Otherwise it wouldn’t be fair to the dog.

Milo is a bundle of joy and has added to my life in so many ways already.

He has helped me to focus not only on my own needs and daily routine, but shifting my focus to making sure he is happy and comfortable.

He has helped me to detach from the everyday hustle and just enjoy the moments.

Staying alone and being far from my family is not easy. But, having Milo around has made the distance much more bearable.

I have learned and changed a lot in the past few weeks and I’m sure I will learn much more. Planning, patience, understanding and lots of love is key for any one thinking of welcoming a four legged family member.