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Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened


Before Adopting Handover Request


Welcome to RARS

We are a voluntary committee who aims to advocate animal welfare and mercy and spread awareness for the pet caretaker on how to properly care for their loved pets.

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Pits is a young female pitbull. Her owner had contacted us saying that he couldn’t keep her anymore saying that he is travelling. According to him, the injury was caused by the cage and that he tried to treat it

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Zowie is a female Chow-chow that was in a horrible condition. She was traumatized and wouldn’t walk out of her kennel. The vet confirmed that she had a wound in her head that wasn’t treated for at least 20 days,

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Riyadh Animal Rescue & Shelter,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh

About Riyadh Animal Shelter

Riyadh Animal Shelter was founded by an activist who would offer animals in need temporary shelter and medical treatment before finding them good permanent homes. The numbers of animals helped grew and it was time to expand.